Other Workplace Wellness Services

other workplace wellness services










Since wellness extends beyond the office, and lasts a lifetime, we offer a variety of other workplace wellness services.

Health Fair Support

Health fairs are an educational and interactive way to reach out to your employees and let them know that their health is important to you.  If you are not sure what your employees’ needs are, a health fair is a good way to start. During these one-day events, information and activities can include but are not limited to: global benefits of a healthy lifestyle, health and nutrition, stress level assessment, BMI calculations, posture evaluations, wellness program promotion and more.

Grocery Store Shopping Tours

Visiting a grocery store is an excellent way to teach your employees the tricks of shopping for better health. Participants will learn how to read nutrition labels, avoid marketing traps, improve nutrient quality, and add variety to their diets. This can be done with groups of up to 10 people at a time. This service is one of our clients’ favorite as they can implement what they are learning from any of our nutrition-related programs in a practical and hands-on manner.



Interest Surveys

Find out what your employees would like to have in the way of wellness offerings. Using a vendor such as Enliven ensures trust and confidentiality in the information that your employees contribute. We will provide an aggregate report of the survey results along with individual responses and comments. We can even include and distribute prize drawings as an incentive for replies.

Transformation Contests

Ready to get your employees fired up with a little friendly competition? We can help you conduct your “biggest loser,” or as we like to call it, Transformation Contest. We handle the educational portion, the assessments, weigh-in’s, coaching, and offer tools for tracking.