One-on-One Health Coaching

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Enliven Wellness Works health coaches are trained behavior specialists who use one-on-one health coaching and motivational interviewing approach. Research proves self-change is a staged process. People move from not thinking about behavioral change, to thinking about change, to planning change, and finally, testing ways to change before applying them. Our company guides your employees through the stages, bringing them closer to wellness goals.

Why Hire Enliven Wellness Works Coaches?

We address more than nutrition and exercise. Our coaches tackle emotional barriers, vision planning, goal setting, stress management and identifying personal motivators through a support team. Enliven coaches use a “readiness to change” model. The model aids the participant to take charge of decisions and to proceed with positive steps toward permanent change.

Enliven Wellness Works employs both in-person and phone coaching sessions. Our flexibility enables you to mix accountability depending on needs. Your participants receive the one-on-one feedback only our company provides.

We Offer Wellness Coaching for Different Purposes:

  • Personal health with a focus on nutrition and fitness
  • Establishing goals and increasing productivity
  • Stress management and happiness
  • Smoking cessation and addiction recovery
  • General life or business coaching
  • Management and executive focus