Group Fitness

group fitness

We have a variety of group movement classes for all levels of fitness. Our fitness instructors are CPR-certified, fully-credentialed, and trained to safely conduct group fitness classes.  Classes include yoga, dance (everything from salsa to hip-hop), Pilates, strength training, and core conditioning. Classes are offered in four- to 8-week sessions and can be run year round. The program can be initiated by employee or employer, and funded by an individual or corporate budget.


Whether you are looking for an inner glow and outer radiance or a challenging workout, yoga can provide it all! Classes include energizing exercises, deep relaxation, flexibility, and inner core strength. Comfortable clothing, a yoga mat, water and a towel are all you need!


Add a little fun to your work day, improve your overall fitness and muscle tone, and experience a low-impact but high-intensity workout with our dance classes. We can bring any type of dance to your worksite including Zumba, Nia, hip-hop, ballroom, line dancing and more! A must for anyone who likes music and fun!

Move Your Body! Basics

Have you ever wanted to start an exercise routine but were afraid of hurting yourself?  If you said yes, “Move Your Body! Basics” is the answer. You will learn how to squat, lunge, bend, twist, push and pull with proper form, as well as how many repetitions and sets are appropriate for you.  Working out can be fun and pain free, so join us today! Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Move Your Body! Boot Camp

Time to get up and move, blast the calories, sweat, and have fun! Enjoy 60 minutes of non-stop moving action with “Move Your Body! Boot Camp.” For intermediate to advanced levels.

Pilates and Core Crunch Time

Throw away the Spanx and girdles! This class is the answer to a tighter stomach and stronger back — the best of both worlds! Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Walking and Running Programs

If you are interested in joining an existing walking or running group, or starting one at your place of business or neighborhood, we can help — even if all you need to get started is the motivation! Our programs can be adapted to any level and age group, providing the tools for a successful workout that will keep you energized, toned, motivated and injury-free.

Personal and Small Group Training

Need a little one-on-one attention? Looking for someone to keep you on track? Don’t like the impersonal feel of large gyms? We have the solution. We come to you! This option is ideal for individuals, or groups of up to three people who are committed to their health and vitality. Regardless of your current physical activity and ability levels, we will show you that you don’t need much equipment to benefit from personal training or to reach your maximum potential. Our certified personal trainers will help you lose weight, gain energy, build muscle tone, sleep great, and be more productive and focused at home and at work.