Consulting and Coordination

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Our wellness consultants schedule a meeting to identify your company’s wellness needs, priorities and challenges. We employ consulting and coordination while collaborating with you and your company to aid in managing health care costs and to increase your employees’ productivity.

Coordination: The Key to Any Successful Wellness Program

Whether it is your first time offering an on-site wellness program or you have several years of practice, you can benefit from the experience of our program coordinators. We have three different levels of coordination to choose from.

Three Coordination Levels to Choose From:

Level 1  is for the experienced group who needs just a little support. Our program coordinator will help with phone and e-mail communications, and material gathering and delivery. In addition, we provide attendance reporting and a program synopsis from the weekly class evaluations at the end of the program. Level 1 coordination is included with the purchase of any of our programs that are four or more weeks in duration.

Level 2  is for the group who has some experience with wellness at work initiatives, but needs extra support to handle the details that will ensure the success of a program. In addition to the items from level 1, our program coordinator will help promote the program(s) to potential participants, provide an on-site program sign-up, and send e-mail reminders and updates to participants prior to each session.

Level 3  is for the group who needs assistance every step of the way. In addition to the services in levels 1 and 2, the program coordinator will assist with room setup and breakdown, communicate with the client once a week about the progress of the program, and provide on-going support throughout the length of the program, not only to the client, but to the participants.

Wellness Consulting

Need help getting your wellness program off the ground or re-energized? Our wellness consultants provide customized services designed to fit your budget and needs. We will help you assess your current situation, create a plan to reach your goals, and provide advice and resources to help you implement the plan. We work with your organization to determine “where you are”, “where you want to go” with wellness.

Examples of how our Wellness Consultants can help:

  • Assess your current surroundings, policies, culture of health and top claims
  • Conduct an Employee Interest Survey to determine needs and desires surrounding wellness programming
  • Identify opportunities and recommend effective strategies
  • Work with you to set measurable goals for improving employee health
  • Create a wellness plan that addresses your company priorities
  • Create a structure for a health promotion program
  • Set-up tracking systems to measure outcomes

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