Enliven Wellness Seeks Social Media and Promotions Intern


Enliven Wellness Works – and the Metta Center of St. Petersburg – is looking for a qualified intern to join our marketing team. We produce weekly events, classes and workshops (related to health, wellness, mindfulness and spirituality) as well as branded content (video, blogs, e-books, webinars) and are seeking an intern who can participate in various stages of copywriting, social media and promotions.

This intern should be prepared to work with a positive, high-energy team, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of social media, online marketing, promotions, event production and business management.

This is a paid internship, approximately 10 hours per week.

Assist in the creation of email campaigns and online promotions
Assist in the pick-up, delivery or distribution of marketing materials
Assist with set-up and execution of events and trade shows
Assist with audio and video editing/production
Editing copy for blog posts and social channels
Attend weekly meetings

Enliven Wellness Works is looking for a student in the Tampa Bay area who is majoring in Marketing, Advertising, Mass Media or Journalism. This person should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, with extensive knowledge of Web and social media. PowerPoint, Word, Excel, audio/video editing and event management experience is a bonus, and will be considered when choosing the best applicant for this position.

Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Advertising, Computer Science

To Apply:
Send resume and cover letter describing why you should be a part of the Enliven Wellness Works team to contact@enlivenwellnessworks.com.

Hiring: Registered Dietitian for Corporate Wellness

Enliven Wellness Works seeks Registered Dietitian for contract work

04_DietitianNutritionOne of our Tampa clients is in need of a Registered Dietitian to perform one-on-one nutritional counseling to their employees, on site. This is a part-time, contract position with some flexibility in scheduling during employee work hours. Clinical experience and diabetes education experience are required. Health coaching certification and/or experience are a plus. The perfect candidate for this position will be a forward thinking nutritionist that feels that whole, unprocessed foods are what we should strive for. The candidate must be professional, punctual, have a warm and welcoming personality, a genuine caring for others, and an excellent communicator. Experience with Google Drive and other online applications are a plus. 

Qualifications, Education and Experience:
Education: Bachelor’s Degree (four year college or university)
Experience: One to two years related experience
Certificates & Licenses: Active license in the appropriate state of practice as a Registered Dietitian

Term: Contract Position – 8-16 hours a month (min. 4 hour shifts) 

Pay: $75 per hour


  • Maintains adherence to policy & procedure and to the ADA code of ethics
  • Interview participants to obtain information regarding their dietary history, as well as food habits and preferences for guidance in planning the individual’s diet
  • Evaluates food logs in follow-up sessions and makes recommendations to improve individuals’ nutritional status
  • Seeks appropriate resources in difficult cases
  • Outreach to fill the schedule as needed
  • Create and teach occasional group classes on a variety of nutritional topics 
  • Reporting to provide data on participant results
  • Email communications with client and participants
  • Checking the online scheduler and identifying gaps in the schedule and sending reminder emails 

Please email your resume and cover letter to jennifer@enlivenwellnessworks.com.

The deadline for resume submission is January 3, 2017

Now Hiring – Wellness Specialist for Local College

now hiring wellness specialist

Enliven Wellness Works is hiring for the position of Wellness Specialist to assist a local college’s Wellness Program. We are in search of a student or recent graduate majoring in a health related field (Exercise Science, Wellness Promotion, Dietetics, Public Health, etc). Tremendous opportunity for experience & growth.

 The Wellness Specialist will assist a local college’s Wellness Coordinator in performing technical and administrative tasks relating to the development, implementation, coordination, promotion, and evaluation of their employee wellness programs. The position will assist with a variety of worksite wellness programs at different college locations in Pinellas County, FL.  This position requires independent judgment, creative thinking, and physical performance.

Pay: $15 per hour/ 30 hours a week

Primary Responsibilities

  • Responsible for supporting the college Wellness Coordinator in planning, promoting, and coordinating the college employee wellness program.
  • Assists with report preparation which includes gathering and compiling statistics; reviewing and analyzing data.
  • Assists with the preparation, distribution, and maintenance of publicity materials such as flyers, newsletters, and bulletin boards.
  • Tracks wellness program participation and completions.
  • Communicates with local health and wellness related agencies.
  • Supports disease management and clinical intervention programs that are led by outside agencies.
  • Assists with wellness presentations and events at each campus.
  • Builds and maintains a relationship with fitness based instructors and participating employees.
  • Collaborates with the college Wellness Advisory Board on wellness programming.
  • Provides top customer service to all employees by addressing employee concerns and inquiries in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Adheres to established guidelines for purpose of preventing/minimizing injuries and accidents.
  • Ability to creatively plan and execute various health and wellness programs and activities.

 Knowledge , Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledge of health and wellness education.
  • Knowledge and understanding of health insurance programs and their relationship to wellness.
  • Knowledge of fitness, nutrition, health promotion and chronic disease management.
  • Skill in developing, organizing and delivering training and educational programs.
  • Skill in use of a variety of computer equipment and software.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with employees, managers, vendors and the public.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects.
  • Ability to cultivate and maintain business relationships with vendors, corporations, government agencies, and employees.
  • Ability to interface with physicians, researchers, individuals, and other health professionals.
  • Ability to conduct special studies, analyze and report results and make recommendations.
  • Understanding and adherence to an integrated model of health, fitness, and well-being.

 Minimum Qualifications

  • AS or AA, in Health, or wellness related degree required
  • BS or BA, in Health, or wellness related degree (completed or in progress) preferred
  • Experience in health promotion, health coaching, fitness, and/or corporate wellness programs
  • Ability to work independently and within a team
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Windows, PowerPoint, and internet research

Essential Physical Skills

  • Exerting up to 20 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 10 pounds of force as frequently needed to move object.
  • Performance of duties require the occasional long distance walking, standing, bending, kneeling, stretching, pulling, pushing, and reaching. This skill set would be in conjunction with the participation in wellness based events.

Working Conditions

  • Completes administrative work in office environment.
  • Participate in the occasional wellness based events and programs in outdoor environments.
  • Primarily Monday thru Friday with varying hours. Flexibility is required with daily shifts due to varying program offerings.
  • Local travel, in personal vehicle, is required to various worksites

The deadline for resume submission is September 12, 2016

Nat’l Senior Health & Fitness Day 2015

Nat'l Seniors Health & Fitness Day 2015Keep up the fun & momentum after your Memorial Day Weekend and celebrate with seniors around the country for National Senior Health & Fitness Day! While these ‘national observances’ show up only once annually on your calendar, they’re meant to create awareness and promote healthy change.  This website is full of good information on how to develop healthy lifestyles for the seniors in your life (and it wouldn’t hurt if you jumped on the bandwagon with them!). A few little changes can go a long way to living a healthy, vibrant life. 

4 Steps to Beating Sugar Addiction vs. Cold Turkey


In my last entry Is Willpower the Problem, or Is It Something Else? I identified sugar as a highly addictive substance, more addictive than cocaine. That’s significant when you consider the effects on your mind and body. So many people are identifying the symptoms of a sugar imbalance in themselves, known as Candida. Candida can present in so many ways – brain fog, sluggish immune system, fungal infections, skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, and learning disorders; just to name a few.

This brings up the question – now that I know how bad it is, what do I do to eliminate it from my diet? So many go for the all or nothing approach; banning anything that contains sugar from their diet including fruit. This is an approach that tends to be recommended often, but it may not be the best approach for you.

Consider this, if you feed your body and brain a toxic substance every day for ten, twenty, or more years, your body may actually depend on it to function. If a person that has consumed alcohol heavily over many years just stops drinking one day, they may experience seizures and other violent physical symptoms. Yes, the alcohol is not good for them, and yes they should discontinue its use; however, suddenly stopping something your body has been receiving for many years can send it into shock. The same is true for sugar. Most people are addicted to sugar; it’s what most food companies have intended so you will buy their products. After many years of enjoying store bought cereals, spaghetti sauces, and even many brands of peanut butter your body is used to a daily dose of sugar that has accumulated into that imbalance called Candida. When you suddenly stop consuming sugar, the Candida monster inside your gut gets hungry and travels through your system looking for sources of sugar. This can create a systemic condition, and you really start experiencing unpleasant side effects such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, and high cholesterol.

Every person’s body and background are different so their needs will vary, but some general ideas to assist you in cleansing your system and breaking the sugar habit are:

1. Cleanse

There are many good quality supplements that target Candida. Usually, someone in your health food store can help you locate these. As with any supplement, strive for food based so your body absorbs it more readily. A good probiotic will help your gut flora in its quest for balance. Another option is clay. Many are finding that a glass of Bentonite Clay daily will help cleanse the body of candida and its die off toxins. It is best paired with a good quality fiber supplement, and of course lots of water.

In addition, we put together a kit to cleanse the body from the inside out, and the outside in. It’s the Kalusion Candida Kit, which contains a Sugar Buster Tea to balance the blood sugar, cleanse the liver, and quiet the cravings, Bentonite Clay, and Control body oil to absorb Candida healing moisture into your body.

2. Ditch the liquid sugar

Begin eliminating sugar from your life with your drinks. Soft drinks and juices contain enormous amounts of sugar that many just don’t think about as they sip back. A 12 oz can of soda contains 39 grams of sugar. Yikes! I know the diet soda option may sound like a good alternative, but artificial sweeteners are actually even worse for you, so avoid starting a nastier habit when giving up sugar. Instead opt for water, seltzer with natural flavors, unsweetened iced tea, or fruit infused water.

3. No thank you to processed foods

With 80% of processed foods containing added sugar, it’s just a good idea to avoid them all together. Opt for real foods such as the vegetables in the produce section, or the meats in the meat department. Not to be confused with packaged lunch meats, hot dogs, and sausages. If you are buying packaged foods; always read the ingredients. Strive for foods that contain 5 ingredients or less, and make sure you know what they are, and that sugar is not one of them. Also, just because the package says organic it does not mean sugar free. Other foods to be wary of are low-fat, non-fat, and gluten-free. They often have extra sugar added.

4. Enjoy the process

Have fun creating new recipes, and enjoying new tastes. You are creating a new lifestyle, and a new you. As you reduce sugar from your diet, you can taste the natural sweetness in fruits, nuts, and sweet vegetables. It’s like an awakening of the palate. Enjoy these foods again for the first time.

As with all things worth achieving, this won’t happen overnight. It’s a journey that will lead you to new places, until next thing you know you are feeling fantastic, and looking great. That’s a worthwhile trip!

kaluwa pic 2013Kaluwa  is “the Dancing Health Coach”.  She has graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a BA in Human Biology, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition  as a Certified Holistic Health Coach recognized by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  She is also a  Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and a Dance Instructor. Kaluwa enjoys healthy living, and “walks the talk”. Her family shares the passion and enjoys activities together such as growing herbs and vegetables, cooking, walking, rollerblading, dance, martial arts, meditation, yoga, and learning and playing at every opportunity.

Looking for an Internship?

We’re growing and would love to help you grow too!

Enliven Wellness Works is a workplace wellness company specializing in onsite wellness education, group fitness, health coaching, and massage therapy.

If you are seeking an internship, we are looking for an intern who will work directly with the company owner.

The position has flexible hours and offers the ability to work from dorm/home. Some time will be spent at the owners’ office in South St. Petersburg, running errands, and attending events throughout Tampa Bay.

The ideal candidate will be an organized self-starter with an interest and/or background in health and wellness. Must be good with computers and have excellent communication skills via email, phone and in-person. Bonus points if you have an eye for graphic design (professional skills not necessary) and enjoy writing or blogging.

Programs & Applications Experience Preferred:

Word, Excel, Power Point, Corel Draw, Google Apps (calendar, docs and surveys), iContact, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Equipment Required:

Computer (preferably laptop), phone and car.


For More Information:  Internships Available

If interested, please send your resume, qualifications and academic standards: Contact Us


Enliven is looking for Guest Bloggers!

Ever thought of trying out blogging?  Have the desire to write or already are a blogger?

Wanting to write messages, notes, thoughts or recipes to send out to the internet world which are healthy, mindful, or proven no leftovers for your family?

Enliven Wellness Works is looking for a few guest bloggers.

We want to expand our repertoire and provide a broader wellness industry exposure; And would love for you to share your stories, intellect, or photos.

Guest blogging adds great resume experience and a growing company referral. As well as providing a writing outlet and audience if you desire a larger network for education or just share what works for you!


You write your article/post and submit for review.  Please provide a head shot (jpeg) and one paragraph Bio to add to the bottom of your post.  We do the formatting and editing.

Fast, Simple, Easy!

What’s the catch?

The content submitted must me original works, not be overrun with outbound links, and provide a new concept or idea.  But do not worry, being a guest blogger does not require daily or even weekly writing.  If your creativity allows solid blogger content only once a month, we are looking for you! The key is solid content.

Please email Jessica@EnlivenWellnessWorks.com if  interested in starting today!