Testimonials & Success Stories

Below are just a few of the thousands of testimonials that we have collected throughout the years.

Success Stories

Tracye W. (middle), Karla (right), and Enliven coach Tracie (left)

Success Stories

Motivation Plus success story

Name – Tracye W.

What positive health changes have you experienced since the start of the program?

I have incorporated Real Foods into my diet.  I am mindful of mindless eating.  I am more aware of the calories that are right for me.

How would you describe your health before you started Motivation Plus?

Borderline hypertension.

What lifestyle changes have you made since starting the Motivation Plus program?

I’m more active.

What motivated you to make these changes?

The 8-week Motivation Plus Healthy Body class, which was offered at work, gave me the keys I needed to unlock that door.

What keeps you motivated?

Seeing the results of clothes fitting better and having more energy.

What are your future goals?

To keep Moving Forward and know that I CAN, I WILL and I WANT TO.

Do you have any advice for others who would like to lose weight and/or improve their health?

Definitely talk to the staff at Enliven Wellness Works.  They offer numerous programs that can really point you in the right directions.


Below is a story about a major turnaround that occurred for one of our class participants in spring 2012. This story is told by the class coach. It’s stories like these that remind us we are taking great strides to help others improve their lifestyles!

“The class was just coming off spring break and trying to get back into the flow. They all wanted to share about that challenge. When we reviewed the goal setting process there were blank looks from all. One of the students said she had never done any goal setting in her life and asked if it that was “OK.” When talking about motivation, she mentioned her dogs and how she entered competitions with one of them. I asked her if there were any rewards in that process or if it was simply a group of people out with their dogs (knowing the answer already). She said there were rewards for the best dog, etc.  I asked her what it would take to win an award in a dog competition. As she listed her answers, she started smiling: “So those would be short term goals?” she asked.

The next week this participant blew everyone away. When I asked if anyone wanted to share, she pulled out a journal that she created for her GOALS! She showed it to everyone. It identified her long term goal and broke it down into short term weekly goals. She was beaming! Everyone was awestruck. The other participants acknowledged how huge this was for her. They were sincerely amazed and it clearly impacted the rest of the class.”

Site coordinator thrilled with program results

“Thank you for the generous and enriching experience of “It’s Your Move” at (our) school.  The effect of this program is not only measurable by numbers:  weight loss of 30 pounds, stress relief noted by less anxiety induced behavior, and people looking forward to doing wellness activities, but these long term effects will be measurable by fewer doctor visits, less prescription costs, and a supportive rapport between the participants.

Many of us will continue to participate in the yoga activities on our own. We will also encourage each other to continue the wellness habits we have cultivated through this class. BIG THANK YOU!!

Shari Feldman (the instructor) engaged and encouraged each of us. Thank you for providing her as our facilitator.

Please thank our Humana representative for this opportunity. I continue to praise the program to my fellow nurses. One requirement which may be holding people back from bringing this program to their schools is the number of folks registered to initiate the program.  Hopefully this requirement can be changed. The changes that “It’s Your Move” and Shari Feldman have initiated are too valuable to our staff and faculty.

Praises and thanks for the “Wellness Opportunity.” – Sandra G., Tampa, FL

Participant Testimonials

“Classes were very informative, the instructor and the wellness coach kept me motivated. The results from the assessments were really helpful to mark my progress: I lost 11 Lbs in 12 weeks, my cholesterol went down 24 points, and my body fat percentage went down 5 points. I’m grateful I was offered this opportunity.”

Connie M., Tampa, FL

“I’m glad to have quit smoking. The presenter was excellent.  I appreciate the positive approach, helpful sessions, and getting the encouragement to continue in this lifestyle to a healthier place. Thanks for providing these resources for city employees.”

Edwin M., Clearwater, FL

“I used to drink 1-2 liter bottles of Pepsi per day, never water.  I changed to no diet soda (occasionally 1 diet soda per month).  I eat more veggies and switched to water all day- every day. Also, I switched to a toddler plate/bowl for portion control. I got rid of chips, junk food, ice cream and cookies.  I lowered my BMI 5 points, my body fat by 8%, and lost 11 lbs in the past 8 months.”

Allie S., Clearwater, FL  

“I was considered very high risk when I joined the program last fall, from being overweight, to my blood pressure and cholesterol both being extremely high, and being on antidepressants for over 5 years. The 12 Weeks to Wellness Program was a start for me to change my life around. I have dropped 47 Lbs, my cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure are ALL at normal range, and I got off my meds. I finally found a team who was able to teach me tools for life, and not a crash diet thing.”

Susan A., Tampa, Florida

“The program helped me lose weight and fat. I lost 3% of body fat and my cholesterol went down 40 points. The weekly meetings had very helpful information on eating habits and exercise, and the phone calls with a wellness coach were also helpful for further 1-on-1 information. Please keep these programs going, people really need them!”

Gloria M., Tampa, FL