Internships Available

Internship Requirements

Enliven Wellness Works offers the required internship hours for university/college students. The internship must be approved in advance by the student’s university/college. Ideally the internship would start in January, May or August to coincide with spring, summer or fall semesters. (Hours are flexible based on the intern’s and Enliven’s needs.)

Interns must successfully perform/complete at least five major duties/responsibilities during the internship period. These include but are not limited to:

For wellness majors:

  • Attendance at specified wellness events
  • Shadowing current classes (to include screening and measurements)
  • Data collection and analysis on current classes
  • Assist and perform reports on current classes
  • Collaborate with business intern, if applicable

For business majors:

  • Attendance at specified networking events
  • File maintenance and updating
  • Data calculations
  • Social media/website maintenance/newsletter
  • Collaborate with wellness intern, if applicable

Internship Projects

Interns must complete at least one major project. Both the university/college and Enliven Wellness Works must approve the project. Options include but are not limited to:

For wellness majors:

  • Organization and promotion of health/fitness/wellness event
  • Creation, promotion and initiation of a fitness and/or weight loss program
  • Model report on class data collection and analysis
  • Set up evaluation protocols for classes

For business majors:

  • Business/marketing plan
  • ROI (return on investment) model, analysis, and report with executive summary
  • Position(s)Training Manual(s)
  • New hire packet, procedures and guidelines

If you posses a passion for wellness, are seeking an internship, and fulfill the requirements, please contact us with your resume, qualifications and academic standards.

Enliven Wellness Works strives to provide mutually beneficial internships.